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Treatment Sessions

All treatment sessions are one-on-one with expert Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists and Social Workers and are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length.  Please call us at (817)900-8441 to inquire about pricing.

Do I need a doctor referral?

You can self refer and we will contact your doctor to get the necessary paperwork set up for an evaluation. Contact our office to refer yourself for a therapy evaluation.

Can I bill my insurance for reimbursement of my out-of-pocket expenses?

This depends on the insurance you have, but YES, most NON-Medicare patients can send “self-claims” to their insurance company for their treatments at our clinic. You should be able to print claim forms off your insurance company’s website, and send it in with the needed receipts and treatment codes that will be provided upon request at our clinic.

The amount of reimbursement or application towards your deductible is completely dependent on your insurance plan. If you call your insurance company to inquire about what you can expect to receive, you should ask about reimbursement for “out-of-network Therapy” expenses sent in via self-claims.

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