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Home Health or Outpatient Home Visits?

If you are currently receiving Home Health, we can contract with your Home Health Agency (if we do not already) and see you on a Home Health basis.  If you need Home Health, but do not already have a Home Health Agency we can help you find one.  We can also treat in your home after you have discharged from Home Health on an outpatient basis.  


Outpatient Home Visits

Providing outpatient therapy services at clients’ homes, workplaces, gyms, and schools allows us to work with clients on skills right where they need them. We help people to achieve the balance and strength they need to fully participate in community activities such as walking on uneven surfaces, climbing stairs, safely crossing the street, and taking part in active recreational activities.

Do I need a doctor referral?

You can self refer and we will contact your doctor to get the necessary paperwork set up for an evaluation. Contact our office to refer yourself for a therapy evaluation.

Service Request
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Thanks for the Referral! We will be in touch shortly!

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