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What is it?

TeleHealth is the use of electronic communication and live video via our website to remotely provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, and clinical social work.


Through our live video conferencing, we can provide:

  • Evaluations and Assessments

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Exercise Demonstration

  • Access to our library of Therapy Exercise Videos

  • Patient education

  • Movement screening

  • Re-Evaluations, Check-ups and Assessments


Benefits of Telehealth:

  • Improved access to physical, occupational and speech therapists and clinical social workers.

  • Better patient outcomes. Patients gain more autonomy and feel more empowered about their care through telehealth. By receiving treatment at home, patients are empowered with information that helps their overall recovery.

  • Easier communication. Whether it’s between patient and provider or two separate providers, telehealth can make consultation between two parties easier.


  • What areas do you cover for TeleHealth?

    • We cover any location in the state of Texas​

  • Who provides the TeleHealth therapy?

    • Each TeleHealth session is provided by a Texas state licensed Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist/Speech Language Pathologis​t/Clinical Social Worker

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